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Yoek Press | Vol Magazine

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Yoek Loves All Women
Yoek Loves All Women
Our basics are for everyone. This season we are celebrating togetherness. We believe that diversity leads to inclusiveness and equality. We are all unique and that is beautiful, since in the end we are all the same

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White Label
New to the wide range of Yoek brands is a weekend collection to wear in your spare time. The lifestyle line covers relaxed casual wear for days of comfort at home, socialising or winding down in nature. Styles that provide you with a feeling of freedom and comfort, perfect to wear after a hectic week of business and to embrace some well-deserved relaxation.

Featuring a variety of sweater dresses, sporty-chic trousers and feminine cover-ups like soft ponchos and smart blazers.

Our weekend collection is perfect if you want to look chic, while feeling comfy no matter what your weekend brings; hitting the gym, running errands or just grabbing a good book and relaxing the day, before hitting the city for a fabulous dinner with friends.

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Dawn French

 Dawn French on the Graham Norton show wearing our Tunic wide bot straps DOLCE!









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Yoek in Libelle Magazine

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        The Colours of my Closet                         Sticky Sweet Danish                        The Skinny & the Curvy One                       Les Carnets d'Alice



Yoek in Libelle Magazine

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Yoek Plus Size Fashion in Telegraaf Vrouw



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PRESS RELEASE | Yoek Spring/Summer ’17

The first part of the Yoek spring/summer collection contains a nautical chic theme, with two maritime knot patterns and an iconic French Breton stripe.
The principal colours of these styles are navy, white and red. A fresh vibe is given by the reversible scuba styles, with different prints on the inner- and outer sides. The neoprene cardigans and dresses are soft and lightweight. 
The second part of the collection consists of a great variety of prints and colours. First, there is Colorato, a colourful pattern of pink, yellow and purple shades on a black background. Then a black and white theme takes over, with monochrome prints of dots, hearts, stars and a snake skin. Beautiful is the green shade of jade, to be combined with the playful dragonfly pattern. The collection is finished with two very different floral patterns; Amy, a pink floral pattern on black, next to uni-coloured pieces in pink cyclamen. And Claudia, romantic blooms printed on transparent voile, perfectly matching with the loose styles in the natural linen fabric.

Black Label
The first pattern in the summery Black Label collection is Anna, a pink flower pattern on black voile. Along with these romantic blooms, a choice has been made for a shade of fresh olive green and styles made of delicate lace. The second design is Valerie, colourful florals and feathers on a black background. These pieces can be combined with the microfiber items in bright cyclamen. True eye-catchers are the leather dress and stretch leather leggings, all in royal dark blue.

Miss Y ♥ Yoek
The Miss Y collection has a selection of items adorned with trendy patches, and with colourful, cartoony prints. A second theme consists of oil-dyed light grey pieces, and the summery-sweet indigo floral print Lucy, adorned with pompons, embroidery and tassels for a boho touch.  

 Yoek Collections Spring/Summer ‘17


 YOEK Giveaway promotion Sweet about Me

sweet about me




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                            Miss Bartoz                                                Beauty Unboxing                                                     Miss Bartoz                                                         Wondervol


PRESS RELEASE | Yoek Fall/Winter ’16
The Winter Checklist: Bloom in Bold Botanicals and Go Wild in Leopard

Yoek Fall Winter 2016

Crisp sunny mornings and warm nights in, call for wardrobe updates. The new Yoek collection keeps you cosy without sacrificing on style. A main pattern is the leopard design but interpreted in different ways, from a classic version to a colourful, trendy variant Tosca in bottle green with coral. Nostalgia is made new with the peach-coloured Sonia, inspired by the classic paisley pattern for a hint of modern bohemia. Textures of faux suede and a soft cashmere piece with fringing, add a free-spirited mood. From bright orange we move on to different patterns on a dark background. First there is Regina, a vivid combination of small purple, pink and cream blooms which can be joined with the different pink cyclamen cashmere styles. A French pattern of small triangles is Mimi, a graphic print on black and white voile with an elegant layered dress as the brand’s favourite. The baby paisley Nadia is adding a hint of red to your winter closet, together with the tomato red jacquard cardigan, finished with faux leather. The winter collection opts for another sunny vibe with the floral pattern Gloria in vibrant rainbow colours.

PRESS RELEASE | Black Label Fall/Winter ’16
Round-the-Clock-Chic: from Leather Glamour to Dark Romance in Florals

Black Label Fall Winter 2016

With all eyes on winter, the new Black Label collection is all you need to cover your outfits for the event season. Pick up on the romantic, darker mood of the season by wearing the classic painterly floral pattern Grace, crafted of a soft viscose-satin. This old master’s painting can be combined with the coloured stretch leather leggings, for a daring winter look. A second pattern is the ever-luxe Snake design, which boasts some irresistible retro-glam.
A new exclusive addition to Black Label is the luxurious outerwear range, containing lamb skin coats which are reversible and therefore doubling your style credentials. Next to these beauties, there is a selection of leather pieces: from a modern version of the classic 30s swagger coat with a flared backside, to super-stretch leggings, a pencil skirt, fringed dress and a long blouse with cropped sleeves.
The final box to be ticked off your party check list are embellished pieces to take you into the elegant evenings as a sparkling star. And therefore we have a silk sequin collection, with delicate square blouses, all adorned with intricate embellishments, shimmering sequins, embroidery and punched patterns. Stay chic as temperatures cool down!

PRESS RELEASE | Miss Y Loves Yoek Fall/Winter ’16
The Urban Rebel: A Parade of Cool Checks & Shine in Twinkling Fairy Stars

Miss Y loves Yoek Fall Winter 2016

After spending the spring season in the USA, our it-girl Miss Y is into the American look for the upcoming winter season. Inspired by the stars of the American flag, the checked blouses worn by farmers and the tribal patterns she has seen at South-American tribes, she designed this edgy collection with a sweet rock vibe. Miss Y translated the stars into her own fairytale design of pumpkin-coloured stars on a soft red viscose, a natural fibre which wears like cotton. The A-line dress in the Stars pattern is one of her favourites, a darling of a dress next to the different kind of check designs; from a classic red-black tartan, to two different super-soft flannel checks, with for example a skater tunic, with a pleated waist. The cool bikers she met on Route 66, gave her the inspiration for a biker jacket with a glimmering blue finish, to a super-destroyed jeans and edgy printed shirtsIt never has been so easy to master Californian cool and be a NY star at the same time!


Plus Size Bloggers Yoek

                       Stylosophique                                                    Conquore                                                      Emmi Snicker                                                   The Publisized 


Blouse-Dress Chambray & Skirt Long Breton

Yoek Plus Size Fashion in Margriet



Plus Size Bloggers Yoek

                     Stylosophique                                              Emmi Snicker                                     Sticky Sweet Danish                                      Curvy World 



Shop the outfits of Italian Fashion Blogger Giorgia, from Morbida, la Vita!

Plus Size Bloggers Yoek


Black Label Dress Lace Sleeves

Yoek Plus Size Fashion in Gooisch Magazine


PRESS RELEASE | Miss Y Loves Yoek Spring/Summer ’16
Fashion Candy: A Summer in Blossom and Petal-Soft Pastels

Miss Y loves Yoek Summer 2016

Jet away to a dreamier place together with our fashion icon Miss Y, with whom you will step into sun drenched days, wearing petal-soft pastels like baby pink and soft blue. There is for example an extremely adorable top, adorned with tiny candy-studs all over its front. The romance of spring is visible in the one fine print of this summery collection, named Delia, a delicate floral pattern in blue, white and pink. Indulge your love for this sweet print with one of the tunics or the skirt with playful ruffles. The cute look is combined with casual tunic-dresses in light-coloured chambray denim, and fresh takes on the dip-dye trend. A sporty vibe comes with the printed shirts, like the grey mixed pieces, as well as shirts with trendy prints. The skater skirt in a grey blend just needs some cool sneakers and a tucked-in shirt for a girly rebel look. Discover the street look with the maxi baseball dress, with bold black stripes and the tops of a destroyed sweat fabric. But this season’s, and especially Miss Y’s spotlight is on the long baseball jacket, with white leather sleeves and a front side fully made of charming black lace. Miss Y’s look is enchanting and edgy this season, designed for afternoons spent in the sun and lots of summer fun!


PRESS RELEASE | Yoek Spring/Summer ’16
The Summer Escape: In Sweet Blossom and Monochrome Mania

Yoek Summer 2016

As soon as winter is over and spring is in full bloom, it is time to elevate your wardrobe into the new season with fresh patterns and styles. The new Yoek collection is rich in its colours and detailing, with something blue for everybody this time. First, there is Flora, a floral print in soft shades of blue and pink which matches perfectly with the different blue tones in the collection like navy. In cool sky blue there is a layered dress with a sleek silhouette, the azure shade really pops out and is perfect for days of endless sunshine. The Monaco ethnic pattern in blueberry with black is telling a modern folk tale, which can easily be combined with the basic black pieces or the uni-blueberry styles. From here we move on to a maritime theme, which is all about smart nautical stripes, with lurex yarns and borders for a chic touch. When the temperatures drop on the long summer nights, you will be delighted to wrap yourself up in the cashmere pullovers and cardigans. An eye-catcher to go with these key items is the graphic printed pair of trousers, with a blue square pattern for a classic look. Bring a little bohemian flair to your wardrobe with the lace tunics, finished with tassel fringing and printed borders.  


Timeless monochrome is being updated with graphic prints like the Brilliant print, a design of bold diamond stripes. For a playful effect it can be combined with Kate, a black-‘n-white flower pattern, to take the two-tone styling to a next level. But black is also combined with a refreshing kiwi green colour,  accompanying the dot pattern St. Tropez with kiwi-coloured mini dots and bright tropical patterned pieces. No summer without a long dress anymore, when the temperature is on the rise this certainly is one of the most comfortable pieces to wear. This season Yoek has it in black and navy, with a body-hugging upper part and an airy bottom.



PRESS RELEASE | Yoek Black Label Spring/Summer ’16
The Ancient Avant-Garde: From Greek Bohemian Chic to the Classic Twenties Dot

Yoek Black Label Summer 2016 

Incorporate a bit of ancient Greek fashion in your closet with the entire off-white dolce outfits, for example the double-layered tunic with the boot-cut trousers. A sense of refined elegance is added by the soft uni-grey pieces, with golden details. From imagining yourself as a Greek goddess, the collection moves on to the roaring twenties; pieces in the same dove grey shade and a pearl white polka dot, like the famous wrap-over dress and a dotted tunic embellished with classic pearls. The delicate lace cardigan with fringed cuffs, brings on the romantic touch for date nights and special occasions. When the wedding season is about to start, this means an inevitable flurry of invitations, and the need for new cocktail attires in your wardrobe. We have a range of dresses ready for your evening soirées, from a stunning maxi dress with beads and a graceful silhouette, to a little black dress with lace sleeves. A classy tenue de ville in the heavier interlock quality, will bring you to a business meeting or a reception in style. Aim for the flair and glam of the twenties, dress up and dance!


As seen in Linda Magazine


PRESS RELEASE | Yoek Fall/Winter ’15
Winter Wanderlust: Splashes of Pastel Hues and a Touch of Folk Chic

Yoek winter collection 2015

As temperatures fall, it is about time to get prepped for the cooler season. Yoek has got your all-weather wardrobe up and ready, filled with essential winter trends. Jet away to a snowy wonderland in key knitwear styles and brave the cold stylishly in the  extensive range of deluxe outerwear.  Have yourself a warm and cosy winter!

The quality plus size brand is launching a trendy fall/winter collection which easily takes you through the season in absolute style. A runway trend not to be missed is the emergence of the snake pattern. The reptilian influence emerges in grey, one of this season’s key colours. Following the latter, there is also a greyish check, with pink accents for a soft touch. Bright and colourful is the Dripping design, with a pattern of pastel splashes and flowers on a black surface. A cooler vibe is surrounded by the black, blue and greenish print called Wave,consisting of playful ocean-waves. Then there is Stella, a red bold print on a black background. In the same colour theme there is a ponchowith an Aztec pattern, adorned with fringes. Following the boho fringing trend, there are also a cardi-coat and a tunic with sophisticated on-trend leather fringing details. Two more flattering designs are the traditional leopard print and a retro paisley, which can be combined with the fancy faux leather pieces. In addition to the printed and highly detailed items, Yoek is known for its basic pieces, in the viscose/elastan and dolce microfiber qualities. This season a warm anthracite will be the additional colour, a shade of dark grey which matches perfectly with the checked and snake printed pieces. When it comes to trousers, the absolute eye-catcher and most comfortable piece of this collection is the super-stretchy high waisted silver-grey jeans.  

Next to the different patterned and basic pieces, there is a great variety of warm, textured knits. Embrace the chill with the cosy boucle pieces, for example the cardigan with a zipper at the side and a large collar. Or the cardi-jacket finished with a leather binding. For the second time, Yoek also presents a luxurious outerwear range containing soft, furry as well as printed down-filled coats. Most outstanding and extremely chic is the black waistcoat, adorned with black faux fur. But one can also go for a classic look with the long faux shearling coat. Beat the cold with these elegant designs and stand out of the crowd in style.


PRESS RELEASE | Miss Y YoekFall/Winter ’15
The Style Game: Maxi Mania and Go for a Dash of Green

Miss Y loves Yoek Winter 2015

Miss Y’s signature is clearly visible in the young designs of this winter collection: from ultra-long maxi skirts to a great variety of printed shirts adorned with texts, silver studs and leather accents. With her wardrobe Miss Y wants to share her fashion story, which shows her love for comfortable pieces with the black harem pants, as well as taking it to the max with long cardigans. The pure white shirt with collar is a fresh addition to the different shades of grey; this season’s answer to the monochrome trend. She is crushing on the grey blend oversized dress, with a casual vibe. Layer up the oversized lovelies with the short silver studded jacket. Wear the must-have dripped jeans with the green Leopard shirt or style it with the botanical Tulip designs to soften your rebel look. The style of Miss Y is cool and cosy this season, switch from your sneakers to your towering heels, so you can wear her fashion formula from noon till night!

PRESS RELEASE | Yoek Black Label Fall/Winter ’15
Enchanted Evenings: After-Dark Glam in Silver Shades and Elegant Layers

Black label w15

For this sharp and chic Black Label collection the spotlight is on a palette of grey hues, with which it is easy to become the queen of cocktail chic. First, there is the grey-blue feather print Lara, in the soft cupro fabric. In this same quality there are uni-coloured silver grey pieces, adorned with black borders. The second print is the grey leopard, an iconic animal pattern by which you will be captivated. The shirt with coloured stones is outstanding and perfect to wear from business meeting to candlelit dinner. Or change into a classic look after dark, by wearing the long evening skirt, and one of the chic tops, for example with flattering wide sleeves. Incredibly refined are the delicate pieces fully made of soft lace, in these you will certainly be the best-dressed guest!



As seen in| Yoek in Nouveau         



As seen in| Yoek in Margriet XL


 PRESS RELEASE | New Yoek Line: Miss Y ♥ Yoek Spring/Summer '15

Yoek introduces It-Girl Miss Y: Sporty Sparkle with a Pop of Sugar

Yoek | Press release miss y loves yoek s15

Miss Y ♥ Yoek is the brand-new fashion line launched by the trendy plus size label Yoek. In addition to the regular collections, this new collection is Yoek’s little sister focusing on a younger target group. 

Miss Y is the classy mademoiselle behind the brand, showing what she loves and designing according to her own lifestyle and personal taste. 
She has been inspired by the sporty college look and a sugary sweet style for the first it-girl collection. 
The baseball jackets made of sweat fabric, and the star- and heart printed tees give the collection an edgy feel. Emerging next to short frilled skirts, the blue ethnic Chill print and pastel coloured tie-dye shirts. As sparkly icing on the cake, there is a coated silver skirt as well as jeans, for a rock ‘n roll look. The brand uses more natural materials like cotton and a fabric called Flame, which looks flamed as a result of thick and thin yarns. The Miss Y girl dresses confidently to celebrate her shape and style, and we are delighted to design her newest outfits!


PRESS RELEASE | Black Label Spring/Summer '15
Summer Soirée: A Palette of Sunshine Shades and Exotic Blooms

Yoek | Press release black label 15

For the upcoming Spring/Summer season Yoek is introducing an ultra feminine Black Label collection of sophisticated pieces and pretty flower prints; first the chic Gigi adorned with pastel accents printed on a grey background, prettily embellished with rhinestone cuffs or necklines adorned with pearls. In the same style, there are lilac tops with frills and light-grey pieces with silver embellishments. 
The second floral design is the classic black/white Coco. Both patterns emerge on a new fabric called cupro, having a silky touch. 
In the soft and stretchy microfiber dolce quality, there is Cloé, a lovely cherry blossom print inspired by Japanese paintings.
Next to these tasteful printed designs, several eye-catching pieces such as a fitted wrap-over dress and a smart suit, are perfect for special celebrations and occasions.


PRESS RELEASE | Yoek Spring/Summer '15
A Chic Capsule Wardrobe: Bohemian Beauty and Tropical Glamour

Yoek | Press release s14 

Singing birds in the morning, hot summer nights and exotic get-aways – it’s time to celebrate the summer season by changing to eye-catching shades and fluid fabrics. Yoek is opening the season with essential must-have basics, next to a variety of pieces to enter summer in style with!


For this new collection the plus size brand has been inspired by a chic gypsy atmosphere, resulting in a range of boho Ibiza pieces in the romantic floral Linda pattern. The bohemian style is enhanced by the use of peace and love emblems on breezy beach dresses. From Ibiza we travel to the mainland of Spain, where the Spanish polka dot is combined with delicate lace and frilled borders. Staying in the classic black and white, there are colour-blocked items, for example with a graceful peplum silhouette, cut-out details around the neckline and different styles adorned with black/white bindings.
Several floral prints take centre stage, with Indi in the monochrome theme. There is a comfy caftan in this print, adorned with white lace, and tunics with embellished necklines and borders of playful black tassels. Then a soft bouquet of florals is the red-pink Mila, emerging on a soft silk-cotton blend. Thin tunics, blouses and a scarf which will turn your closet into a summery wardrobe within an instant. A vivid hue of red strawberry is chosen for soft lace tops, knitted pullovers and basic tops. Another palette is used for the fresh Naomi pattern, which has bright turquoise in it. The flowers are printed on a background of white bamboo, so you will truly feel the exotic vibe by wearing the tube dress or the tunic with an embellished neckline. Next to the flower printed pieces, there is a pair of geometric printed trousers, and silver lurex knitted tops to keep you warm on chilly summer nights. 
The new season’s mood is colourful and refined, where yellow lemon chiffon pieces add a bright pop to your summer look. Following the hot denim trend of today, there is a heavy destroyed jeans, for a cool edge when combining it with the summery lightweight linen line. Besides the printed and highly detailed items, Yoek is known for its basic pieces in black, white and navy, in the viscose/elastan and dolce microfiber qualities. This season we are adding a new colour called stone, a natural shade which matches beautifully with pure white and the pastel coloured floral trousers.