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Gift Idea | New Olive Oil came in!

Gift Idea | New Olive Oil came in!
By Yoek December 5, 2019 1062 Views

Last week we have received a new shipment of our olive oil! In October and November the fresh load has been picked, processed and bottled in Italy as you can see on our latest pictures.

We are very happy with the new yield, since the quality is good (and delicious) again. Since we have bought and planted more trees this season, we were also able to produce more oil this time. And having more oil means that we can sell more bottles, which means that we can help more kids in Kenya in light of our ‘Oil for Education’ project.

Now the festive season is coming closer, we also like to think of the people who do not have as much and will probably not be celebrating anything since there simply is no money, or they have no family. Everyone likes to do something for the world, but sometimes it is hard to decide how to make this difference. And we have the perfect idea; because you can gift your friends, employees or family with bottles of healthy, yummy olive oil, and at the same time you will help people building a future.

We are co-owners of the ‘Oil for Education’ charity project, plus the olive trees in Italy (near Bari, Puglia), so we are capable to give you the most recent updates on our blog. We sincerely hope that your purchases will help us to send more girls to school in 2020!

So if you are still in need of an original gift, or if you need something to give to business partners or your office staff, this will be a thoughtful yet useful present!

Read more about our olive oil and the charity foundation in our other blogpost.